“Garden style” 2019 agenda:

24th of August 2019, Saturday:


10:00-18:30 CONFERENCE

9:00 Registration is open

10:00-10:10 Welcome and introduction

10:10-10:40 Gitana Štukėnienė “Perennials: what will you choose for the nearest decade?”

10:40-12:10 Cassian Schmidt “New perspectives in design and maintenance of habitat-based perennials plantings”

12:10-13:40 Break: lunch, exhibition

13:40-15:00 Ansis Birznieks “3 success factors to reduce the maintenance of a modern garden”

15:00-15:25 Jolita Deresevičienė “Choosing long-lasting pavers for a garden”

15:25-15:40 dr. Živilė Juknevičienė “Vertical planting: experience of long-term experiments with plants in Lithuania“

15:40-16:40 Coffee break, exhibition

16:40-17:20 Tautvydas Gurskas “10 low-maintenance recommendations for garden reconstruction”

17:20-17:50 Vilma Gudynienė “Meadow as a low-maintenance solution: myths, truth and practical piece of advice”

17:50-18:20 Danguolė Liagienė “Low maintenance and ecology – how to balance in practice”

18:20 Final words

18:30 The end

EXHIBITION. Open during conference breaks, in the same venue. Also You will be welcome to join different workshops, activities.

“GARDEN PARTY” – contact evening. (19:30-21:00) More information about “Garden Party” here >>

 25th of August 2019,  Sunday:


10:00-16:30 workshop with dr. Cassian Schmidt

10:00-14:00 workshop with Sintija Nagle

26th of August 2019,  Monday:


10:00-16:30 workshop with dr. Cassian Schmidt

More information about workshops >>