24th August 2024

Vilnius, Litexpo, Laisvės av. 5

Modern design ideas and practical tips for creating a healthy garden

International landscape design conference for both professionals and hobbyists alike

Conference speakers:

Prof. Nigel Dunnett (UK)

Landscape designer, book author, professor at Sheffield University

Nigel Dunnett is a world-renowned leader who sets trends in modern plant design. He believes that plant selection should not be merely cosmetic; instead, he encourages the creation of green spaces that are dynamic, natural, beautiful, and impactful. He envisions green spaces that can fundamentally transform urban life. You will discover how he achieves this.

N. Dunnett is an author of several books, an active participant in international research, a presenter at conferences, and a consultant for landscape architects and urban planners. Some of his most notable design projects include the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London (in collaboration with James Hitchmough) and the Barbican Centre in London. He has also won a gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and received numerous international awards for his contributions.

The presentation will be held in English and translated into Lithuanian.

Francois Travert Garden style

François Travert (France)

Landscape architect, engineer of the school of higher studies of landscape architecture

At the center of François Travert’s work are cemeteries. The modern pace of life, migration, and especially the emergence of cremation and urns are changing the rituals of visiting graves. Let’s find out what principles are used to design cemeteries in France and think about whether such a change will be acceptable to us. François is actively preparing for this presentation and has already studied the cemeteries found in Lithuania, it will be interesting to hear his vision.

François Travert works mainly in western France with city squares, parks, and other public spaces. To date, he has created 3 cemetery designs and is working on the renovation of 3 more. Some of them are affiliated with churches, and some are independent. In his work, he explores the rituals of different religions, the habits of visiting and caring for graves, and combines his research with modern natural design.

The presentation will be held in English and translated into Lithuanian.

Angelina Kurauskienė_Garden style

Angelina Kurauskienė

The founder of the cut flower farm “River of Flowers”

Don’t be afraid to create expansive flower beds in your spacious countryside home. Worried that you’ll be overwhelmed and overworked maintaining them and regret your decision? Discover the innovative solutions Angelina has implemented on her flower farm to prevent that and what worked for her. Ground cover plants, matrix planting – these are just a few of the techniques discussed at international conferences, and Angelina has put them to the test right here in Širvintos district.

Angelina will share her tried-and-true plant combinations that have thrived in her garden – resilient, visually stunning, and perfect for cutting and arranging into bouquets. She’ll also reveal her methods for cultivating large flower beds while adhering to sustainability principles and prioritizing the grower’s quality of life.

Garden style 2024 Erika Krasinske

Kęstutis Ptakauskas

Landscape designer, pioneer of bonsai art in Lithuania (“Bonsai studio”)

Artistically shaped trees are sometimes seen as tortured. On the other hand, skillfully shaped trees look more aesthetically pleasing and even live longer. How do you navigate the balance between art, aesthetics, and tree health?

Kęstutis Ptakauskas wears many hats: he is an internationally recognized bonsai master, president of the Lithuanian Bonsai Association, promoter of Japanese culture in Lithuania, and festival organizer with multiple awards under his belt. He will share his guiding philosophy and provide practical advice on how to appreciate the beauty of a tree and avoid mistakes when planting and shaping it.

Gitana Valavičiūtė Garden style 2024

Gitana Valavičiūtė

Interior architect

In her talk, Gitana will reveal the secrets to creating a cozy backyard oasis. Ever wondered why shade is essential or why we’re drawn to fire pits? Gitana will explore these questions through the lens of environmental psychology, sharing fascinating insights into how the African savanna connects to our Lithuanian sense of home. You’ll leave with fresh ideas to enhance the coziness of your own backyard.

With a background in architecture and education, Gitana has received the prestigious “Golden Palette” award for her interior design work. She focuses on layout, lighting, and color solutions, believing they can significantly impact our quality of life. In recent years, she’s delved into environmental psychology and various theories on well-being, from the Danish “hygge” to the Swedish “lagom,” and even pagan concepts. Could we have inherited something from those ancient times too..?

Garden style 2024 Erika Krasinske

Margarita Vasiliauskaitė

Manager of online plant marketplace Emedelynas.lt 

10 plants for your healthy garden – strong, resilient, reliable, and proven. This list is essential for beginners but it will also serve as a valuable resource for professionals in their daily work. Not all plants on this list are popular – and that’s a shame!

Margarita Vasiliauskaitė is the head of the online plant marketplace Emedelynas.lt. She watches over thousands of plants being sold online by nurseries every day. Join us for Margarita’s presentation where she will review the Top 10 healthiest and most resilient plants.

Marius Cepulis

Gytis Lietvaitis

Landscape engineer, landscaping specialist

Gytis breaks stereotypes and gives objects a second life in the garden. You won’t believe the stylish creations you can make from old boards, scrap metal, or discarded tools. No kitsch – just a free flow of creativity. After this presentation, you’ll never look at the unused items in your garden the same way again.

Gytis is a landscape engineer, lecturer (including the “Landscape Design” program), and an advocate for naturalistic design. He also has a keen interest in green roof technologies. His countryside home has been featured on the LRT’s gardening show “Čia mano sodas” (“This is My Garden”) multiple times. You can also find inspiration for garden decor in the “Forest Garden” he curates.

Henrika Varnienė

Henrika Varnienė

Human rights activist, landscape architect

Henrika will reveal practical design tips for creating a stylish garden that remains accessible even when physical limitations restrict movement (e.g. due to the use of strollers, injuries, ageing, disabilities, etc.). This is often overlooked, but let’s explore how to design a garden that is welcoming to everyone. You’ll walk away from the presentation having been shown good examples and concrete design ideas that you can apply to your designs.

Garden style 2024 Erika Krasinske

Erika Krasinskė

Sports coach

To ensure the health of both the garden and the gardener, Erika will share practical tips on how to perform garden tasks in a proper way. She knows what she’s talking about – she and her husband tend to their own country side home, so she’s no stranger to the challenges faced by gardeners.

They say gardening is a sport, but why does it leave us with aching backs, knees, and shoulders? Erika will debunk some myths and offer simple advice that anyone can use, no matter their fitness level.

Additional speakers will be added to the program, which is subject to further updates.

Lina Liubertaite Garden style konferencija

Host of the conference

Lina Liubertaitė

Blogger, founder of Modern Landscaping Courses “Geltonas karutis”, author of the book “Garden Detective. Kakė Makė”, host of the TV show “Čia mano sodas” (LRT).


Design workshops

Garden style 2024 dizaino dirbtuvės su prof. Nigel Dunnett

25th August, 10am - 5pm


With prof. Nigel Dunnett (UK)

Garden style 2024 dizaino dirbtuvės

26th August, 10am - 4pm


With François Travert (France)



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Design workshop

with prof. Nigel Dunnett
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  • Will take place in Vilnius, on 25th August, 10 am – 5 pm


with François Travert
164/ Eur instead of 199 Eur
  • Practical workshop;
  • Meal and materials included;
  • Working language – English with translation to Lithuanian.
  • Will take place in Vilnius, on 26th August, 10 am – 4 pm.

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