Landscape design conference Vilnius - Garden style


Annual conference – meet and inspire

26th August 2023

Vilnius, Litexpo, Laisvės av. 5, 3rd hall

How to create a garden to be amazing tomorrow, 

to be healthy and interesting for future generations

to be in harmony with nature and aesthetics.

Lets meet in the international landscape design conference “Garden Style”. 

“Garden Style 2023” speakers:

 Annie Guilfoyle (UK)

Landscape designer, lecturer, RHS Judge at Chelsea Flower Show

“Creating gardens with the future in mind”

Our world is developing and changing so rapidly, the climate is unpredictable and so the work of a garden designer has become very challenging. How do we approach garden design and make sure that our creations are future-proof? How can designers create gardens with the future in mind?

The talk will feature examples of other designer’s work along with Annie’s, to illustrate the new way of thinking and will share an insights on how it can be practically applied in our gardens.

Annie Guilfoyle will run a design workshop the next day after the conference on 27th August.


Kraštovaizdžio architektė Marina Kriačko

Dr. Mariusz Antolak (Poland)

Landscape architect, “foodscape” movement at international level

“Fruit Up Your Landscape!”

Have you ever wondered how many of the plants from our gardens are edible? Should they only be found in the kitchen garden? Popular vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees can also be beautifully combined with ornamental plants. Maybe it’s a good time to use a very long list of edible species and plant them in our gardens and public spaces.

Dr. Mariusz Antolak will take you into the world of foodscaping and will introduce how edible plants can be combined with ornamental ones.

Mariusz Antolak will be also holding design workshop the next day after the conference on 27th August.

Kraštovaizdžio architektė Marina Kriačko
Inga Šidlauskienė

Reda Kazokevičienė

Garden designer, „Gervių sodai”, Lithuania

Reda will present how to create amazing gardens following the paths that nature gives us. Wild and aesthetic, oriental and local – you will explore her garden as the example of her attitude. 


Marius Cepulis

Marius Čepulis

Nature photographer, host of TV show „Gamtininko užrašai”, Lithuania

Marius will talk about the importance of biodiversity. Living nature does not consist only of plants. Find out Marius Čepulis’s suggestions on where to pay attention when creating gardens.

Inga Šidlauskienė

Vaiva Marozienė

Landscape architect, ecologist, ambassador of naturalistic design, Lithuania

Vaiva will introduce which solutions tend to be long-term, and which are only for a short-term effect. Is there some kind of formula? She will give examples from various landscape projects.


Ula Marija Bujauskaite

Renaldas Žilinskas

Certified arborist, independent gardening expert, Lithuania

Renaldas will talk about the impact of mature trees on the garden and will give practical advice on what you should know about trees in the homestead.


Ula Marija Bujauskaite

Ingrida Gečienė-Janulionė

Grower, Lithuania

Ingrida will invite you to plan the upcoming season and will introduce plant ideas for your spring garden. Ingrida owns a collection of a variety of snowdrops, sedges, crocuses, fireflies, plums, erythrons, hellebores, etc. These plants make a great addition to spring flower beds before the daffodils and tulips bloom. You will learn what to choose and where to grow it.


Panel discussions

Panel discussions on the main stage during the conference:

Discussion “Lithuanian identity: how to find new ideas when you see the same plant combinations in Berlin and Rokiškis

Do we know native or historical plants well enough? Should stones only be used for rock gardens? Do we plan fire only for barbecue? Lets look at our local resources, nature, and history as an inspiration.


Domas Timinskas

Domas Timinskas

Landscape designer, “Darnios erdvės”

Giedrė Puzinauskienė

Giedrė Puzinauskienė

Architect, landscape architect, Public spaces project manager at „Vilniaus planas”

Linas Ūsas

Linas Ūsas

Landscape architect, “Terra firma”

Discussion “Ecology as the core of tomorrow’s design – in practice” 

What is the difference between “greenwashing” and sustainable design? We will talk about the principles that have been implemented based on sustainability. Is it recycled materials? Is it shapes or lines? Or is it long-lived plants? Is it bees and butterflies? Or maybe something more? Let’s also discuss those cases where it failed.


Vaiva Marozienė

Vaiva Marozienė

Landscape architect (her works can be found here), lecturer of the “Naturalistic flower garden”, ecologist

Tautvydas Gurskas

Tautvydas Gurskas

 Agronomist, landscape project manager („Žali sodai”), Head of Lithuanian Berry Growers Association

Henrika Varnienė

Henrika Varnienė

Human rights activist (Lithuanian Disability Forum), landscape architecture student

Lina Liubertaite Garden style konferencija

Host of the conference and moderator of panel discussions

Lina Liubertaitė

Blogger, founder of modern landscaping courses “Geltonas karutis”, author of the book “Garden Detective. Kakė Makė”, host of the TV show “Čia mano sodas” (LRT).


Design workshops

Garden style konferencija 2023 08 27

27th August, 10am - 5pm


“Using themes and concepts in garden design”

With Annie Guilfoyle (UK)


Garden style konferencija 2023 08 27

27th August, 10am - 2pm


“Smart Foodscaping Garden Design for Professionals”

With Dr. Mariusz Antolak (Poland)



Design workshop

with Annie Guilfoyle
  • Full price 319 Eur
  • Practical design workshop;
  • Interesting approach to creative process;
  • Meal and materials included;
  • Working language – English with translation to Lithuanian.
  • Will take place in Vilnius, on 27th August, 10 am – 5 pm

Foodscape design workshop

with Dr. Mariusz Antolak
  • Full price 299 Eur
  • Practical design workshop;
  • List of edible decorative plants;
  • Meal and materials included;
  • Working language – Polish with translation to Lithuanian.
  • Will take place in Vilnius, 27th August, 10 am – 2 pm.

The 2023 conference tickets are closed

The event will take place in 2024.



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