Annual conference – meet and inspire

24th August 2024

Vilnius, Litexpo, Laisvės av. 5, 3rd hall

Lets meet in the international landscape design conference “Garden Style”.

Conference speakers:

Prof. Nigel Dunnett (UK)

Landscape designer, book author, professor at Sheffield University

Prof. Nigel Dunnett is one of the world-class leaders who dictate the trends in modern plant design. According to him, the choice of plants should not be cosmetic – he calls for creating dynamic, natural, attractive greenery that has an impact.

Francois Travert Garden style

François Travert (France)

Landscape architect, engineer of the school of higher studies of landscape architecture

At the heart of François Travert’s work is a cemetery. The modern pace of life, migration, and especially the advent of cremation and urns are changing the rituals of visiting graves. Find out what principles are used to design cemeteries in France and consider whether we will accept such a change in Lithuania.


Henrika Varnienė

Henrika Varnienė

Human rights activist, landscape architecture student

Henrika will present practical design tricks on how to create a stylish yard that would be comfortable even when physical capabilities limit movement (prams, injuries, old age, disability, etc.). This is not often thought about, but let’s take a look at how to create a garden that is suitable for everyone.

Marius Cepulis

Gytis Lietvaitis

Landscape engineer, landscaping specialist

Gytis is a landscape engineer who breaks stereotypes and gives things a second life in the garden. You won’t believe that stylish things can be made from old boards, scrap metal, or discarded tools. No kitsch, just free creativity. After this message, you will look at the unused items found in the yard differently.

Gitana Valavičiūtė Garden style 2024

Gitana Valavičiūtė

Interior architect

Gitana will reveal how to create a cozy yard, why shadows are needed, and why we think about a fire pit – we will answer this through the prism of environmental psychology. You will learn how the African savannah is related to the Lithuanian sense of home, and you will get new ideas about what is missing in the comfort of your backyard.

Lina Liubertaite Garden style konferencija

Host of the conference and moderator of panel discussions

Lina Liubertaitė

Blogger, founder of modern landscaping courses “Geltonas karutis”, author of the book “Garden Detective. Kakė Makė”, host of the TV show “Čia mano sodas” (LRT).


Design workshops

Garden style 2024 dizaino dirbtuvės su prof. Nigel Dunnett

25th August, 10am - 5pm


With prof. Nigel Dunnett (UK)


Garden style 2024 dizaino dirbtuvės

26th August, 10am - 2pm


More information will be available soon


Design workshop

with prof. Nigel Dunnett
Now329/Eur / instead of 369 Eur
  • Full price 369 Eur
  • Practical design workshop;
  • Meal and materials included;
  • Working language – English with translation to Lithuanian.
  • Will take place in Vilnius, on 25th August, 10 am – 5 pm

Design workshop

Information will be available soon
  • Practical design workshop;
  • Meal and materials included;
  • Working language – English with translation to Lithuanian.
  • Will take place in Vilnius, 26th August, 10 am – 2 pm.

Tickets will be available from 13th of May, 10:00 a.m.



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