“The Rabbit’s Eye View”

Masterclass (part of Garden Style conference events) – it is unique Noel Kingsbury’s workshop on how to create successful plant combinations and predict how they will look in a few years.

Oudolf, Hummelo garden low

Piet Oudolf, Garden Hummelo. Photo N.Kingsbury

How long will plants survive? Will they spread, or disappear? How will my new border look in five years time? How to design a garden and predict changes through years?

This full-day garden-based workshop aims at encouraging participants to observe garden plants, focusing on their growth through the year, looking at how they compete with each other, how to assess prospects for their longevity and their suitability for a variety of garden locations.

This workshop joins theoretical base and practical tasks. Encouraged to get down on hands and knees to get ‘the rabbit’s eye view’, close observation of plant growing habits and life cycles through the year, can greatly empower us as professionals.

Based on plants’ natural habitats and ecology, you will be able to make simple predictions of long-term plant performance and you will learn to create successful plant combinations. Practitioners can use their plant knowledge and will be encouraged to plan long-term and low maintenance gardens.

NK Malago 2 12 low

Photo N.Kingsbury


Please choose the most convenient date and location:

All those workshops have the same program; feel free to choose the date. Workshop on the 27th August is adopted for garden lovers, not professionals. Registration can be confirmed only after the payment.

All the seats are sold out. You can still meet Noel Kingsbury in the conference!


Sponsor for workshop in Latvia: 

‘The Rabbit’s Eye View’ – A unique workshop which has run so far in ten countries. Take this wonderful opportunity and join the workshop with the world famous professional!

Groups are limited, when groups are full, registration will be closed.

Moscow Eco-Seminary low Workshop. Photo N.Kingsbury


  • TIME: 10 AM-4 PM
  • VENUE IN LATVIA: Bulduri Horticulture School, Jurmala
  • VENUE IN LITHUANIA: The Botanical Garden of Vilnius University (Kairėnų str. 43, Vilnius)
  • FOOD: lunch and coffee breaks included
  • PREPARATION: please take outdoor clothing (part of seminar is held outside)
  • CERTIFICATE: for all the participants
  • INVOICE: please provide your company data to info@gardenstyle.lt and we will send you the invoice by email after the seminar.
  • ACCOMMODATION: if you need a hotel in Lithuania, please email giedre@laba-diena.lt for special deals.

Hermannshof. Photo N.Kingsbury

Hermannshof. Photo N.Kingsbury